The Association aims:

  • Development of health activities at the tourist area of the Costa del Sol, specially concerning "Travel and Health".
  • The progressive introduction of Healthy Programs and Services for tourists visiting Costa del Sol.
  • The close relationship with Senior and Patients Association, as Rheumatic, Cardiac, COPD or Neurological. Plus Health and Life Insurance Companies, Health Institutions from Governments, Municipalities and Regions of Europe, USA and Canada countries, as well as local institutions, local councils, Tourism and Travel Agencies to inform them about this innovative way to spend Holidays in a Healthy way, with Proactive Programs.
  • The target is bringing people over 60 y.o. for spend their Holidays with us, from October til June, when all retired people has time to travel and because the bad weather conditions at their own countries.
  • Collaborating campaigns with Public Institutions on a new commercial line of Tourism and Health.
  • Achieving a brand made in Costa del Sol- “COSTA DE SALUD”, to differentiate those companies that collaborate in our Programs and Health Services, from the rest of the world of tourism.

Who are Members?

Health Professionals, Dietitians and Nutritionists, Physiotherapists, Fitness Monitors or Clinical Sport professionals, Dentists, Chiropractors, Nurses, Doctors, Chefs, all of them interested in the development of Healthy activities at the time of vacation.

How it works

The Association offers Hotels, Restaurants and prestigious Golf Clubs at Costa del Sol, with the implementation of Programs and Healthy activities, such as Holidays and Recreation Programs, or Healthy eating, Trekking and nature, Golf without risks, etc, to offer them to people over 60 years and mainly between October and April.

The Association is responsible for the training, control and up date of new techniques and in its case of the professionals responsible for the activities with an Accreditation system that guarantees users that the Programs are supervised by professionals and performed in Hotels with facilities for it.